Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I'm dreamy about Phryne*!

There is a problem with the (almost) universal nature of the internet.  While it's possible to tip-tap-tip-tap one's way around the world from the comfort of your own home, international boundaries still exist.

A good example of this I can vouch for personally.

I'm an avid reader of Kerry Greenwood's Phryne Fisher mysteries.  Set in 1920's Melbourne, the heroine is an outstanding, sometimes infuriating "flapper" who investigates everything from murder to drug-smuggling.  Wealthy, intelligent and determined, Phryne's adventures are a pleasure to read.
I was pleased to hear that Kerry Greenwood had been offered for Phryne to be televised - a whole television series based on the gal!  Aired on Australia's ABC Network, the series has a great following on Facebook.  It even has short trailers.
Of course, I can't access Aussie TV - even on the internet.  I can't access the channel's iPlayer facility due to the copyright issues.  So I know the series is "out there" on the internet but I can't actually see it!

I've now got to wait for the inevitable DVD publication.  I can wait.  Because of the internet, when it comes out I could probably order it within an hour.  However - what about DVD "regions"?  I've got to make sure that when purchased, the Aussie "region" plays on my old UK DVD player.  Or, perhaps, it'll be produced on a multi-region format; after all, international sales are a big attraction.

Until then, I've got to nibble my fingernails while waiting to see how the series will come out.

*  Rhymes with "Tiny" - so my title isn't, quite, alliterative.

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