Tuesday, 12 June 2012

It's a sad, sad time for me.
I've finally decided to put my website Criminal-History.Co.Uk on hold until further notice.

I've been working and writing on this labour of love for seven years.  I've enjoyed it immensely, having an excuse (should I need one) to read my favourite genre of books - historical crime fiction.

But times have changed in my life.  I'm now self-employed, working as a business partner with my wife - mainly on administrating our firms web site (www.biccybones.co.uk) and doing the accounts.  Thus I have less time to spend on my own "hobby".  I'll still be reading - of course - and active in the world of crime fiction and, perhaps, one day I might re-launch the site.

I suppose it's a good thing; it shows our main bill paying occupation is increasing.  In fact, we're soon launching our over-the-counter sales in our new business unit.  But I can't help feeling at a loss.  Still, there's plenty of places like www.goodreads.com to inflict my hapless opinions.