Friday, 6 April 2012

I'm a simple soul, me.  Anyone who knows me will tell you this.  Lately, I've found the "arrows of outrageous misfortune" pretty uncomfortable, I can tell you.  What with an expected yet inflated bill concerning the car (which we need for our work), more vet bills - who can predict how much one's treasured pets will become ill?
Everyone (who isn't a multimillionaire) has been shafted in the latest Budget but, personally, what hurt was the "slight adjustment" of working tax credits.  Of course, this was useful to deflect any interest in the breakdown and sale of the UK's NHS public health service (which the multimillionaire PM's selling off to the friends he may - with discretion - entertain on premises paid for by the public), the complete "mission stasis" as opposed to "mission creep" of the national troops in Afghanistan and other, equally irrelevant warzones and the blatant self-interested cronyism encouraged by this Prime Minister who has no real contact, or relationship, with the general populace that is bound by his smug sales patter to various private companies he has school chums bidding for.
Financially the country is in a hole and those who might be forced to dig out the mess they created are being tickled and bribed (at public expense) with no real result.  Banks were bailed out and "politely asked" to circulate the extra funds (that we, the tax payer, are suffering having given) while the Bank's are blatantly restricting cash flow ... on the grounds that the current economic climate is not a good gamble.  Damnit, they made the current cash problem and are using it to perpetuate it!

Meanwhile I start to watch documentaries on the Wall Street crash of the '20's and wonder if the same hasn't happened but with a controlled, restricted press coverage.  After all, those who present us the news have investors and bills to pay too!

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